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What is Video Chat Builder ?
- A macromedia Flash software to Create Video Chats, Audio chats, and multiplayer RPG games with FULL webcam support ! Just customize it and you will have FULL video webcam chat on your website !

What are the requirements ?
- You need a dedicated server or a VPS server so you can install red5 video chat on it !

Alll this seems so complicated and I am new to these technologies !
- Do not panic ! We will not let you alone ! We will help you to set it up !

What knowledge do I need ?
- You need basic Flash skills ! You do not need Flashcom skills, since red5 scripts will be setup on the server

If I purchase the sofwtare, what will I get ?
- The FULL Code source so you can CHANGE graphics, or its functionnalities. You will also get HELP and all setup instructions so you can be sure once purchased, your project will be online and totally functional !
Full support incluidng phone support.

Is this software 1 time purchase ?
- Multi room support : as a real chat, you set up as many rooms as you want ! Each roomcan have its own graphics and animations : you just have to draw it in Photoshop or any other graphic software and import your graphic into Video Chat builder : create your world could not be simpler !

How about the quality of the video and audio?!
- The Flash Player grabs video from the web camera, encodes it, and sends it to the red5. You can configure in detail the quality of the video and audio for them: resolution, maximum bandwidth, maximum quality, frames per second, key frames per second and sound rate !

How does VideoChatBuilder work?! How does it sends video and audio?!
- VideoChatBuilder consists of a swf file that makes a special connection to RED5 server (free webcam chat). Once the connection is made, video, audio and text can be sent over this connection to the RED5. From there the video, audio and text are sent to whoever 'wants' them. In this case the text is sent to every user in the room, and the video and audio only to those that want to watch it.
RED5 can reside with the Web Server on the same physical server or it can be hosted on a separate server.

Do my users need any special plugin?
- No, your users do not have to download any special plugin as VideoChatBuilder is based on Flash 9 which is installed on over 97% of the computers connected to the Internet. Click here to view the official statistics from Macromedia.

Can I integrate VideoChatBuilder with my users database ?
- Yes you can, and it is a simple operation. We do provide the PHP code source and DATABASE if you need the registration process

I need a registration process do people must sign in before entrering the chat !
- All you have is put the REGISTARTION_REQUIRED to true ! The chat will then connect to your server and check the registration data

Will VideoChatBuilder display any ads or other outgoing links on my website?
- Of course NOT !

All this seems very complicated for me ! I I WIll I be able to set it up ?
- Of course and we are here to help you ! Please call us