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multiplayerCreate multiplayer RPG games: Video chat builder is the complete solution to build your own MULTIPLAYER, video audio RPG game online in Flash: Just create your own scenes, rooms, characters objetcs and put them in the chat : This is as simple as that : NO ADVANCED skills required !
full_webcamFull video/audio chat support : Video chat builder provides live video streaming from webcam with audio ! No activeX to be installed, No JAVA used : all is done in Flash and Flash Com server, so your clinets do not have to install any plugin ! You can set up the audio for CD quality !
multiroom Multi room support: as a real chat, you set up as many rooms as you want ! Each roomcan have its own graphics and animations : you just have to draw it in Photoshop or any other graphic software and import your graphic into Video Chat builder : create your world could not be simpler !
charactersAnimated customized characters and avatars: Each chatter has its own avatar. Create new ones by drawing them with Photoshop and importing them into Flash ! As simple as that !
limitsEasy WYSIWYG world construction depth and objects interaction construction! Draw you scenes and world with PHOTOSHOP or any other bitmap painting program. Then draw the limits with Flash (Black color), exits (Green color), interactions with objects (blue color) ! There is NO programmation needed to add a new scene or to add interaction : you just have to DRAW !
animatedMulti chatters movements: Each chatter moves through the rooms and scenes and can interact. Movements and animations are shared through all users in REAL TIME
smileysSmileys features: each chatter can use graphical smileys to express himself. You can add or modify the smileys simply editing them !
registrationFull registration process:You decide if anyone can enter the chat or the chat will be avaible for REGSITERED and VERIFIED users. Setting the parameter REGISTERATION_REQUIRED=true, users will have to sign up a form and click on a link sent to their email to access the chat.
interactionInteraction with objects and animated objects
Your character can interact with its world : for instance approching the darts game, the player will load the external movie DARTS. Just intergrate interacted objects graphically and construct your won world !
talkTalk features and request for talk feature ! You have voice feature :
admin toolsFull moderator features - Ban/Kick moderator options Kick an annoying user from the chat or BAN his IP address definitively so he cannot comeback to the chat again. Only administrators of the chat have this option.
source codeFull commented source code provided in Flash Action Script: Feel free to add your own code or to modify this one ! If you have basic Flash skills, just edit and this commented code ! you can expand the video chat features and add new functionnalities !

Made with Flex as3 and red5

Basic Flash skills required for customization , full email support ! Start your Video Audio chat with animated characters RIGHT NOW !
Customize it all following for needs !